Protect The Middle Class

Many Middle Class families in America are struggling to stay afloat.
At a time when companies, workers and politicians should be working together to grow the U.S. economy, some politicians and companies are engaging in divisive petty partisan politics. Instead of creating jobs and safe workplaces, these politicians and companies want to overturn Missouri’s labor laws and enact legislation deceptively misnamed “Right to Work” (RTW).

Right to Work laws have nothing to do with providing rights or work. In fact, Right to Work laws make it harder for middle class families to protect their wages and job security and take away their voice in the workplace. At a time when CEO pay has grown 364 times higher than what the average worker makes, this law would give big corporations even more power to cut wages and benefits so they can make higher profits. RTW laws have nothing to do with providing rights or work.

Instead of passing Right to Work laws that hurt the middle class, politicians should preserve the right of companies and workers to work together and strengthen Missouri’s economy.

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Right to work threatens fair pay, health benefits, and safe working conditions. Get Involved.

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